About Gabrielle Edwards


Born and raised in Saugerties, NY, Gabrielle Edwards is a native of Ulster County. From a young age Gabrielle worked at her mother’s business of 20 years as a receptionist and assistant. There she was able to meet many people which led to her first job in sales working with a local farm. By the age of 14 she was selling fruits and vegetables at festivals and rest areas. She loved working for the farm selling goods because she was able to meet so many different people, which lead to many lasting friendships. Later she advanced her young career and started working at a Spray Foam Insulation Company. This helped expand her knowledge that would later help in her future career in real estate.

She worked all through high school in the hospitality and construction business saving up enough money to move to Albany NY at the age of 17 to attended Hudson Valley Community College. Her first instinct was to study Biological Sciences, in hopes to work in the Medical Field. Not too long after starting college she realized sales was her calling. Because Gabrielle was fortunate enough to live in a variety of areas across Ulster County before moving to Albany, she knew the world of Real Estate would make her the happiest. Real Estate seemed to have the perfect balance between communications and business, the two things she loves the most. She then left college and went to Manfred School of Real Estate. By the time Gabrielle was 19 she was fully licensed as a New York State Real Estate Salesperson. Because she was residing in Albany, she launched the beginning of her Real Estate career in the Capital regions’ high-volume demographic.

The first brokerage she worked with was based in Troy NY on Hoosick street. There she worked through a period of gentrification in the area where she was prominently based out of. Many restaurants and businesses started to open which allowed her to facilitate deals in all avenues of real estate including commercial, residential, and rentals. Shortly after practicing in Albany, she relocated back home to work in the area that she loves the most – the Hudson Valley.

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