About Seline Servo


Born and raised in Kingston, NY having all of my immediate family also still living in Kingston (parents, 2 older sisters and 5 ADORABLE nephews). I graduated from Kingston High School in 2008 with my Regents Diploma and with a Technical certificate from Ulster County BOCES where I completed my 1,000 hours for Cosmetology while also in my junior and senior years of High school. I knew hair design was something I definitely enjoyed however I did not feel it was my calling.

That summer I was working as a counter girl at a local pizza place and I heard of a job opportunity at an Uptown Kingston real estate office as an administrative assistant and felt like I was ready for the change and something different…. Little did I know it would turn into my career!

I have worked side by side at Win Morrison Realty with Win Morrison and Greg Berardi for 13 years starting only when I was 17 years of age and quickly learned the ins and outs of the fast-paced ever-changing Real Estate business from a young age and continue to daily. I love to organize, multitask, and I work well under pressure and enjoy “crossing things off my list”. Over the years I have also worked in the hospitality business as a server for many years on top of working for Win Morrison Realty because of my Love of people, personalities and most of all providing a service that is just as fun as working in a real estate office and meeting new people every day. I truly take pride in my work to provide the best services possible to the agents, office and Greg to ensure that they can provide a smooth service to buyers and sellers.

Greg and I learned over the years that us two together are like the ultimate team- him providing the best services possible – not to just sell or buy a property- but to make it personal as if he is the one purchasing or selling. I believed in his vision and I started working also as his personal assistant in 2018. Since then I would like to say that I have been a major asset of Greg’s and vice versa- he is not only an amazing friend but also a great business man and boss. We both believe in taking true pride and care into our work which makes us an awesome “Dream Team!”

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